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Your Goals+Dreams' new home.

Susana Cresce Planner - Free Gift - Digital Masterclass Bundle

Buy the planner, receive a free Masterclass Bundle on the biggest goals: Money & Love, Online Business & Health. 


Your Goals Matter!

This Goal-Oriented planner helps you plan out your year with intention and putting your core desires in the front end. Pages to analyze your dreams, desires, ideal day and goals. Space to split into easy to follow mini goals and weekly and monthly checkups to keep you on track.  

Your budget, your activities, and most valued experiences are captured in the assigned pages to help you balance life and work. While feeling accomplished.

The beauty is in the details

This beautiful planner collection comes gift-ready. Whether you're giving it to yourself, a friend or colleague, the years worth of achievement will make it memorable.

Keep it together!

With a beautiful and reusable box, an ample pocket in the back and a closing band, you're sure to keep it together. 

You Matter

Don't let your days run you; run your days. With space to write Dreams, the Perfect Day, Goals, Due Dates, Monthly Mini Goals, Notes To Self, Monthly Budget and reviews!  

Detail Oriented

Just like you, the attention to detail makes this planner a no brainer. From gold corners to special holidays and weekly review, you're guaranteed to keep track of everyt detail of your life.

Get the new Susana Cresce Planners 2018, and plan a life you love.
Susana Cresce Planner - Free Gift - Digital Masterclass Bundle

Order your planner, fill out the order form and receive the Masterclass Bundle directly in your e-mail! 

Goal: Money & Love, Health and Business - 3 series masterclass completely Free when you order your Susana Cresce Planner! 

The Specifics

- Hard cover with protected gold corners and gold coil. - The planner measurements are 9.5 x 9 in. - The interior pages are 120gsm woodfree paper. 

- Budget, Month and Goals Analysis after every month - Weekly and Monthly Calendars - Space to Write all your 2017 - 2018 experiences (People, Places, Movies, Books, and more) - Space for contacts and notes. - Ample-sized pocket on the back to store papers. - Elastic band to keep it all together. - BEAUTIFUL Packaging, making it a great gift.


About Susana

Hi! I'm Susana, a Success Coach  

I help soulful and spiritual female entrepreneurs work on their business with efficiency while up leveling their money mindset so that they can break through the consistent 6 figure mark with ease, guiltless and empowered.  

With this planner line, I want to empower women of all walks of life to pursue their dreams and passions enjoying the every day.  


"Would buy again"

"Really happy with my purchase. It's large and sturdy. It also doesn't cram Saturday and Sunday into one day, which I really appreciate." 




"Love, love, love this beautiful, well thought and executed planner agenda. It looks elegant and was made with high quality materials. I highly recommend it!." 


With 2018 weekly collection, your get to choose between Ivory or Blue.  

For the free soul, that uses the calendar and planner when she chooses, a daily non dated black planner is waiting for you!